Last updated: December 2014

As a leading research university and a responsible employer, it is our policy to take every reasonable measure to ensure all operations and activities are planned and executed with appropriate precautions to protect the health and safety of our staff, students and visitors. It is also of paramount importance to maintain a safe, healthy and environmentally sound campus for us to work, study and live in.

In order to achieve these objectives, the University has established a comprehensive safety and environmental protection program, the details of which are presented in this manual. All members of HKUST must conduct their activities in accordance with applicable requirements stipulated in the respective chapters of this manual.

A successful safety and environmental protection program relies very much on having all members of our campus community to assume their roles and responsibilities in implementing the program. Members of our management team must also manage risks associated with their operations and monitor the safety performance of their staff. To ensure risks are managed and controlled systematically and effectively, heads of every unit should make appropriate arrangements in addressing safety and environmental protection issues in their units, including compliance with relevant university and local statutory requirements.

Let us all work together to maintain a safe, healthy and environmentally sound campus. Let HKUST become not only a leading research university, but also a leader in upholding the values of sustainable development and the well being of our campus community.