Medical and Student Dental Services

(Go to the HRO website for information about the Staff Dental Clinic)

The University provides medical and dental services to students. Full-time students can use the Medical Clinic and the Student Dental Clinic upon presenting their student ID cards. These clinics are managed by the Health, Safety and Environment Office (HSEO).


The Medical Clinic is not equipped nor manned to handle emergency cases. In case of emergency, call the CAMPUS SECURITY CONTROL CENTER at 2358-8999 or the Hong Kong city-wide emergency number 999.

The Campus Security Control Center will contact the Medical Clinic direct if emergency assistance is required during its opening hours.


Health Education and Advice
Students who need advice on personal health care and other medical matters are encouraged to visit the Medical Clinic and/or the Student Dental Clinic in person or contact by phone during their opening hours.

The Dean of Students' Office (DSTO) and the Health, Safety and Environment Office (HSEO) may organize health education activities from time to time.


Medical Clinic: 2358-6670       Student Dental Clinic: 2358-8580      HSEO Email:


Suggestions and Comments on Health Services and Education
We treasure users' input on improving the provision of health services on campus. Please contact HSEO should you have any suggestions and comments on these matters. Users can also leave their comments and suggestions via the suggestion boxes at the clinics.

Medical Clinic

Location : Room LG1020 - LG1024 (via lift no. 4)

Opening Hours

Monday - Friday 9 am - 12:30pm/ 1:30 pm - 4:45 pm
Saturday 9 am - 11:45 am
Sunday & Public Holidays Closed


Eligible Users

Full-time students, staff and eligible family members.



  • Out-patient consultation 普通科門診
  • Simple surgery 小手術
  • Simple dressing 傷口護理
  • Dispensary 配藥
  • First aid 急救
  • Specialist services including :
  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology 婦產科
  • Ophthalmology 眼科
  • Physiotherapy 物理治療


(Please contact the Clinic for details of the specialist services)

  •  Health Education on various topics. Details to be announced.



Specialist visit by appointment. Telephone appointment for GP services is encouraged. 



  Student  Staff
Out-patient Consultation (including up to 3 days' medication for students Card users and up to 5 days' regular medication for staff) Free $15 for Jade Card  
Specialist Consultation  (up to 7 days' medication) $200 $420
Physiotherapy (15 minutes per session) $220 $220



Student Dental Clinic

Location : Room LG1018 - LG1019 (via lift no. 4)


Opening Hours    (By Appointment Only)

Monday - Friday 9 am - 12:30pm/ 1:30 pm - 4:45 pm
Saturday 9 am - 11:45 am
Sunday & Public Holidays Closed


Eligible Users

Full-time students only


Primary Services

  • Oral examination 口腔檢查
  • Intra-oral X-rays 口腔內部X-光片
  • Scaling and polishing 清理牙石及洗牙
  • Oral hygiene instruction 口腔衛生指導
  • Gum treatment : root planning and sub gingival curettage 牙腳刮洗術治療牙肉
  •  Amalgam and anterior composite fillings 銀粉補牙及前牙磁粉補牙
  • Root canal treatment 根管治療
  • Dressings and medications 暫補及藥物治療
  • Extraction of teeth including wisdom teeth 脫牙(包括智慧牙)
  • Minor oral surgery - removal of embedded/  impacted roots and teeth 口腔小手術
  •  Incision of abscess 切割牙瘡
  • Fissure sealant 防蛀保護層
  • Fluoride treatment 氟素
  • Preventive Resin Restoration 防蛀補牙
  • Emergency consultation 緊急治療
  • Dental Health Education 牙齒健康教育



Appointments should be made IN PERSON with payment at the Student Dental Clinic.  Dental charges paid are not refundable nor transferable.  You may re-schedule your appointment by contacting the Student Dental Clinic at least 24 hours before the appointment. Charges paid will be forfeited if you do not show up for the appointment or are late for 10 minutes or more.



  • Oral examination : $10
  • Dental Treatment: $70 per unit of 20 minutes for the above-mentioned primary dental services.
  • Other dental treatments are subject to charges.  Details are available at the Student Dental Clinic.