Chapter 15: Traffic Safety

Effective Date: July 1, 1997 (Issue No. 2)

Last Updated: December, 2014

A. Introduction

This chapter concerns staff and students who drive on campus as well as the safety of pedestrians on campus.


B. Traffic Safety on Campus

Legal Requirements:

With effect from 1 July 1989, the Road Traffic Ordinance and its subsidiary regulations had been amended to :

  • extend the safety provisions of the ordinance and some other related ordinances to private roads, and
  • empower owners of private roads to manage the parking of vehicles more effectively.

This amended Ordinance affects all vehicle owners, vehicle drivers, owners of private roads and the general public.

Traffic Signs:

  • The HKUST is authorized under the Road Traffic Ordinance to erect or place appropriate traffic signs and road markings and to control parking on the roads within the campus areas.
  • All traffic signs and road markings on private roads shall comply with requirements prescribed in the Road Traffic Ordinance and its subsidiary regulations.
  • Road humps on private roads shall be constructed according to requirements stated in the corresponding regulations, with appropriate warning traffic signs and road markings.

Driving on Campus:

Any person who drives a motor vehicle on the roads within campus must comply with the safety provisions of the Road Traffic Ordinance and its subsidiary regulations and is liable to prosecution for offenses against such provisions. The following are some of the major provisions:

  • Must not drive carelessly or recklessly.
  • Must not drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Must not drive without a valid driving license.
  • Must not drive in excess of specified speed limit.
  • Must not violate traffic signs and road markings.
  • Must wear seat belts.

All vehicles driven on campus must be:

  • properly registered and licensed.
  • covered with a valid motor vehicle third party insurance policy.
  • in compliance with the legal requirements in construction and maintenance, and
  • no passenger should be allowed to ride on the bed of a pick-up truck.


The HKUST is empowered under the Road Traffic (Parking on Private Roads) Regulations to designate no parking areas by using approved traffic signs and road markings. Vehicles should be parked in approved areas only. The Security Office may detain or impound vehicles parked in the no parking areas by using wheel clamps. Offenders may also be subject to fines.


C. Pedestrian Safety

All pedestrians on campus should use designated pedestrian walkways for access and egress, instead of walking on the motorways. Bicycling, roller-skating and skate-boarding are not permitted on motorways; and strongly discouraged on pedestrian walkways, and areas where such activities may affect safe passage of pedestrians.


D. Traffic Accidents

All traffic accidents involving injuries or property damage must be reported to the Security Office.