Center of Laboratory Supplies

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Center of laboratory supplies (CLS) stocks common solvent, compressed gas, and labware to ensure the consistent laboratory supplies to research lab in the university. By delivering the chemicals to laboratories directly and installing compressed gas cylinders for users, we can have a better control in the safety aspect during chemical transfer and compressed gas installation. Besides, we also manage the dangerous good (DG) store licensing issue and assist research members in applying different chemical-related licenses. 

In November 2022, CLS launched a new online system, which combines the dangerous good management system and procurement system. Maintaining DG inventory of each lab and continuous monitoring of DG quantity in the campus is important in light of the amendment of the Dangerous Goods Ordinance (Cap. 295). The system provides a platform for the users to maintain the DG inventory in their lab. By connecting to FMS, the system allows same day budget transfer after the user received their items. This reduces the administrative effort and time in handling back charges.

Important note

Chemical ordering

Currently the system handles only the stock item (part II A of old ordering form). For non-stock item (part II B of old ordering form), please send your request to as usual. [ordering form]

Chemical bottle collection

Please state the size of the bottle in the remark. Requests without the remark clarification will not be handled.
Below is an example:
2.5L X 10 bottles
20L X 10 bottles

Item category 

Cut-off time


Chemical (Stock)

11:00 AM

Same day delivery

Compressed gas and consumables (broken glass box and LN2 refill)

10:00 AM

Same day delivery;

May consider special/urgent delivery request on a case-by-case basis.

Dry Ice & liquid nitrogen dewar

15:00 PM

Delivery on the next day



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