Scope of Services

The primary charter of the HSEO Lab is to provide analytical services to the HKUST community in the areas of environmental health and safety compliance.  Upon request, HSEO Lab collaborates with academic units and external organizations to provide unique analytical services with full quality assurance.  When resources allow, HSEO Lab also provides analytical services to the community on a fee basis.


The following fee schedules list prices for the most frequently requested environmental and industrial hygiene analyses performed by HSEO Lab. 

Environmental Analysis (HKD)

Industrial Hygiene Analysis (HKD)

Industrial Hygiene Analysis (USD)

Contact HSEO Lab for other analytical procedures not listed above.


Customers can submit the samples together with the completed analytical service request form below.  This request form also serves as chain of custody for incoming samples and contracts between two parties.

Laboratory Analytical Service Request Form

IH Sampling Guide


The list of the terms and conditions for the services provided is shown below.

Terms and Conditions