To promote and support health, safety and environmental protection in teaching, research, and other activities at HKUST.


We sustain a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly culture at the HKUST campus, and our graduates bring forth the same into the wider society with pride.


We care about the well-being of our campus community and put Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) at the heart of everything we do.

We perform our duties with professionalism and integrity.

We take the lead in proactive and preventive management of HSE risks.

We strive to advance our knowledge and expertise to face novel challenges and support cross-cutting solutions.

Red Cross Blood Donation Campaign

21 October 2022

Annual Fire Drill

21 June 2022


TVB <東張西望|學是學非> 21 December 2021


測試普通外科口罩 vs 工業用N95口罩|建造業

TVB <東張西望|學是學非> 22 December 2021


“There is no simple solution to lab safety”

Prof. Samuel Yu interviewed by Nature 22 December 2021


Government COVID-19 Outreach Vaccination Program

Hong Kong Government News 23 June 2021



香港政府新聞公報 23 June 2021