Appendix 10H Non-ionizing Radiation Sources that Require Evaluation

Non-ionizing Radiation Sources that require evaluation

  1. Fixed radiofrequency/microwave emitters exceeding 10 mW radiated output (even if contained) 
  2. High current electrical equipment exceeding 1 gauss at 50/60 Hz; 
  3. High voltage electrical equipment exceeding 1 1kV/m at 50/60 Hz; 
  4. DC magnets generating fields greater than or equal to 5 gauss at accessible places; 5.
  5. Walkie-talkie-type portable communications set capable of radiating over 7 W at frequencies between 100 kHz and 450 MHz between MHz or [7 (450/f)] W at frequencies between 450 MHz and 1.5 GHz, where f is the frequency in MHz. 
  6. Induction heaters; 
  7. Satellite and permanent communication transmitters; 
  8. Ultraviolet sources exceeding 1W, including mercury vapour lamps not used for lighting.