Appendix 10G Emergency Response Procedures for Iodine-125 Spill

  1. Ensure no one is in the area where the spill is.
  2. Wear suitable respiratory protection equipment, SCBA in this case, before entering the contaminated area.
  3. Use a GM or NaI for monitoring of the spill.
  4. Cover the spill with absorbent paper.
  5. Cover the paper with alkaline sodium thiosulfate (0.1 M NaI, 0.1 M NaOH, 0.1 M Na2S2O3).  Avoid contacting the spill with acid.
  6. Wait for 10 minutes before wastes clean up.  Contain all wastes in a tightly sealed bag.
  7. In the event of suspected iodine take, a urine assay must be conducted within 24 hr of the suspected exposure.  A coarse evaluation of iodine intake can be achieved by placing a GM or NaI probe to the neck of the individual suspected of iodine intake.  Noticeable counts indicate a potential uptake of iodine.
  8. Should intake exceed the legal limit allowed, the case has to be reported Radiation Board for further investigation.